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Marketing Analytics

Reveal insights from consumer data and behavior

Artificial Intelligence

Implementation of deep learning and bot applications to improve business performance

Opinion & Sentiment Analysis

Uncover thoughts and emotions from text

Data Engineering

Create data pipelines and dashboards for sustainable business practice

Business & Geographical Information

Set up systems for repeatable data visualization

Product & Innovation Development

Shape data-driven consumer offerings

Process & Pricing Optimization

Increase productivity by mathematical refinement using integrated data

New Market Penetration

Set up branches and develop initial strategy in South East Asian countries

Digital Marketing

Get you the best ROI and retail space on the net

Social Media Branding

Strengthen relationships with your customers


Convert your conventional business to a dynamic digital entity


Manage the creation of lean processes to reduce wastage


Provide industry specific options

Financial Prediction & Sales Forecasting

Prepare for the demands of the future

Social Activism

Develop a sustainable strategy


Educate your workforce in areas of programming, applied statistics, design thinking, data analytics & visualization to make sure your staff will be able to continuously gain insight from data with minimal intervention from us after the contracted period.